Sexual Abuse

Society’s view on a Widows Appearance

Widows are perceived as public properties or “land without fence.” If widows choose to get themselves dressed up well and go out, the people around would look at them suspiciously as if they were involved in some sort of immoral behavior. This social hostility not only dehumanizes the widow, but her children as well feel a sense of shame. As a result, widows don’t get themselves dressed up and go out. The livelihood of the widows remails solely in their home because the cultural norms regarding appropriate behavior.

Social Isolation

Widows are not expected to talk to any men, especially to strangers. If they decide to engage in such behavior, society views them as behaving immoral. Even when men come forward and help these widows, society questions their motives. 

Sexual Exploitation

When widows seek help from men for various reasons such as getting assistance from the government, some men try to exploit them by seeking sexual favors. Widows are also abused sexually in the work place.