Remarriage of Widows

Denied Support

Widows are rarely ever given support when it comes to getting re-married. Relatives and society in general are culturally unsupportive, causing the widows to suppress their feelings completely. 

Different Rights for Remarriage

Widows very rarely go foward to enter into a re-marriage, usually because they don’t get a decent bridegroom. Also it is important to keep in mind that even widowers prefer unmarried women when seeking remarriage because the inequality of gender roles in their culture. If at all any decent man comes foward to marry a widow, he may demand a huge dowry. 

Being Deserted after Marriage

It is surprisingly common for men to desert widows after marrying them or even after sexually abusing them with an assurance of marriage. Situations become considerably worse after being left and the status of such widow gets degraded even more. Even worse, nobody comes forward to confront or question the man’s foul behavior because the widows are so low in the traditional caste system.