Literacy Rate among the Widows in Nagai District

Widows and deserted women in our movement are mostly illiterates. Some of them have schooling up to V standard or VII standard, but they have not kept in touch with the knowledge and skill of language they have learnt. Rarely do we come across a few who have finished X or XII standard, but have either lost their school record, or have not used it for employment. On the whole, the previous generation has paid little attention to the value of education. Now knowing the true value of education, they are firm about giving an education for their children and getting them employed. Here are the ill effects of their lack of literacy:

  • They do not know how to read or write. We come across only a few who can sign their names.
  • They find it difficult to absorb information from lectures.
  • They are unable to reflect on issues and give sufficient thought.
  • They fear expression.
  • They learn from TV more than from books, newspapers, or magazines.
  • Lack of education endow them with extraordinary common sense and alertness.
  • They are smart in grasping ideas provide their interests are triggered.
  • Many of them have latent capacities which need to be articulated